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27. July 2010

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My 1080 liter Diary

(or how you turn a old aquarium into beautifull piece of furniture)

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I have added Easylife to the water. i do not use many products for water improvement

However i ALWAYS use this when i start up a new tank

Finally my lamps had arrived. Custom built. 2 lamps each 150x60 cm flat design

Let there be light!

I put aquarelle in front and grolux in the rear. both lamps fits 2 t5 tubes

The 3 Aulonocara really loved all that space. And they did have it for 3 days solo.

But it could not last :)

Next set of fish to enter the scene was a favorite. Labeotropheus Trewavasae Thumbi West

I had both standard females and OB females

The Aulonocara didnt mind the company but did boss them around somewhat.

I had bought a cave module but it seemed very out of place and was removed