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27. July 2010

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My 1080 liter Diary

(or how you turn a old aquarium into beautifull piece of furniture)

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It all begins with a fishtank i saw on the local fish homepage called akvariesiden. I was

actually in a very dark mood due to the fact that i had just been diagnosed with diabetes type.

My wife saved up the funds for my project and the adventure began. A very cold february day we set

course towards lolland to get the fishtank.


A friendly carpenter had a truck to help me transport the fishtank safely to north zealand

Thank Jesper :)

And my buddy from our fish association helped me all the way, thank you Frank

2 of the board members of our fish association also turned up to help me carry the monster inside

Thank you Jørgen and Preben

After a long time we got the monster in position however...

It was turned the wrong way, i wanted the back of the tank outwards since it had the fewest

scratches. Also you can clearly see that it did need quite a cleaning.

With the fishtank came 2 lamps and a powerhead but the where not very nice

Yes it truely needed cleaning, my wife started immediatly

It is hard to figure out how big it is but here is my 2 kids in front of it. 3 meters

does not sound like much but it sure is a difference :).