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27. July 2010

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My 1080 liter Diary

(or how you turn a old aquarium into beautifull piece of furniture)

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Left side of the tank.

Tunze pumpe in the left side

Middle of the background. the assembly. looked bad close up. but ok from afar

I had been out collecting stones. However in february the ground is very hard

and its hard to pry them from it, howver i did find a few

1. watertest. This is not a tank you fill up all at once. a little at a time :)

Added some stone and some caves

5. watertest. Ok I am truly a chicken, i was very scared that the floor would not hold

or the glass break. 1080 liter water on the floor will make a nice pool :)

After 3 days the first pioneer fish are inserted. Aulonocara sp. Iwanda