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A small tour of my 375 liters malawi and how it looks on april of 2006

Tour of 375 april 2006

Size 8 MB


A Couple of Cichlisoma Nigrofaciatus tending fry, while a group of mbuna looks upon them with hungry eyes

File is in Wmv format and about 4 mb

A small film from my malawi tank in the beginning of 2005 .

File is wmv format and about 4 mb

A little film from my catfish farm, this place also raised fry at some point but i gave it up since my catfish got eaten or rather their fry got eaten by the mbuna fry.

File is in wmv format and about 6,5 mb

Sometimes you just cant get to eat in peace as this catfish expieriences

File is in wmv format and about 2 mb

Small movie from one of my fry tanks.

File is in wmv format and 4,5 mb

Movie from my malawitank in august 2005

File is in wmv format and about 7 mb 

This movieclip is about an auratus female tending her fry. Its 8.45 MB


Movie is in wmv format

A very small clip of 30 seconds. It shows my Labeotropheus trewavasae releasing one of her babies, in real life releasing 15 of them took about 50 minutes. Its her first time having fry. The movie is under 2 mb and in wmv format,


This movie is my biggest i made till this date. Its of my Labeotropheus Trewavasae female (Thumbi West OB). It shows her letting out her fry and taking them back in again when some stupid guy with a camera and a strong flash disturbs her (ok ok i did it, sorry!!) The movie is about 10 MB and the music in the background is Mozart. Duration of the movie is about 2 minuttes and 30 seconds.


Small movie from jun 2006 of the 375 liter tank