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27. July 2010
  Add diary about 1080 liter
24. january 2009
  Page has had a new picturesection added
03. June 2006
  Got a new camcorder and tested it on my 375 liters
20. April 2006
  Added a movie that shows how my 375 liters look today
9. April 2006
  Added a series of pictures of 2 johanni males slugging it out
7. March 2006
  2 new species descriptions added
8. February 2006
  New gallery added
17. Janary 2006
  New gallery added, fish from the 375 liter tank
11. Janary 2006
  New gallery added, fish from the 530 liter tank
9. Janary 2006
  New fish equals new pictures. New gallery added
2. Janary 2006
  New gallery added
1. November
  New species descriptions added
30. October
  Gallery structure modified and a new gallery added
21. October
  Added my diary that im currently writing, for when i build my 375 liter tank. Its not finished yet so item will be added tomorrow and the day after (And then i hope ill be ready to put fish in it).
14. October
  New gallery added , And get ready for an article about building my new fish tank. Getting the tank on tuesday and then ill document setting up the entire thing. Also some more of my tanks have been added to the list of My tanks.
08. October
  New gallery added
07. October
  New gallery added
24. September
  Changed the format of the guestbook. Didnt like the idea of some spam-robot collecting emails from my guestbook. Changed it so you can leave your webadress (or not if you prefer not to)
22. September
  Tried to fix the gallery towards being more english, still not there yet but moving towards the goal at least
19. September
  New longer movie about the trewavasae female tending her fry + a picture gallery about her too
18. September
  New movie added about a labeotropheus trewavasae mother tending her fry
16. september 2005
  Translated page into english. There will be alot of linguistic bugs, please feel free to email me with corrections :)