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27. July 2010

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My 1080 liter Diary

(or how you turn a old aquarium into beautifull piece of furniture)

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A slight problem reared its ugly head. On a very central place of the background a large piece had been knocked of and you could see the yellow fiberglass. But luckily it could be fixed

I love this powerhead. 3500 liter pr hour costing only 5.5 watt. I love Hyfor Korelia

Time to play with the technical equipment.

I had my good friend Frank to help me figure out the optimal placings for the powerheads

We drilled holes in the background and inserted mesh to prevent fish from entering

Only one could be seen from the front of the background

we covered that with a small piece from the broken background

When we put the 2 backgrounds together it left a huge gap between them

I had to grab some filter baskets from an old external pump and use them

to prevent the fish from entering. behind the baskets we place the 2 hydor

korelia pumps

The magnet for the pump was to weak for the thick glass so we had to place them

with silicone

Here you can see the mesh after the background has been siliconed into the tank