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Building a 375 liter fishtank, Diary

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I believe this day will be 'The small detail' day. Lots of little things that needs to be fixed


Needed to cover the sawmarks and the drillmarks in the sidepiece. Smeared it with silicone and poured sand over it. Now its just to wait to see the final effect.


Right side has had a shuffling of stones, but i need more of them, i need to take a fieldtrip


Took some of the sand away. Looked a bit too much. Now its only about 6 cm deep


Returning from the field trip with 50 kg of stone. Now its all about where to put them. This is the right side. Not much new here. In the back of the white stone is a 7 kg red granite with very round corners. Builds an excellet cave but needs to be hidden somewhat due to the fact that it looks out of place

Right side, more red granite and very squarish' (not with rounded corners)

And a picture of the whole thing


Some of the details i found while playing around with it :)

Two story house for mbunas?

By placing the right sidepiece high, i could easily make a cave below it


1. watertest. Cant fill it more due to the right sidepiece silicone still needs to dry

Well thats all thats gonna happen today with the tank. However as thank you for having patience with me sofar i want you to see some of the pictures i got today of the fish waiting to be put into the 375 liter tank

Pseudotropheus sp daktari male, Undu


My beautifull Pseudotropheus sp. Elongatus Chewere male :)


Cynotilapia Afra Chimate, male


Cynotilapia Afra Chimate,male from a different angle, hence the colourvariation


Cynotilapia Afra Chimate females both brooding