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Building a 375 liter fishtank, Diary

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Needed to make a hole for the Tunze powerhead. However i didnt have a big enough drill so i had to make 5 holes and hope for the best. It made quite a mess.

Glued the background into place and the sidepiece as well, with silicone

Had to come up with some way to put preassure on the background while it dried, used a few pillows, less chance of marks in the glass with them

Martin from the cichlidcenter is a cool dude, he made sure that 2 of the new fish i bought was carrying babies. This is a cynotilapia Afra Chimate

Already now that the fish are in other tanks waiting for me to be finished, i know who will rule this tank. This guy, a fully grown Pseudotropheus sp. elongatus Chewere

My new cynotilapia afra chimate male, not quite in shape yet, but it will come :)

Finally got the tank in place, thanks to a friend from the aquarium society i belong to. Thanks alot for the help Søren :)

Last business of the day is to clean 50 kg of 0.8-1.2 mm sand and put in the fishtank

All out of energy, hope some new will return tomorrow