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Metriaclima Fainzilberi


This is a new species mbuna to me. Its one of the larger mbuna's. The male reaches a size of 16 cm and the female about 13 cm. It originates from the rock-biotope. In wild it primary food is algea but it will take plankton if its in the right mood. So far i can only say its one of the least aggresive mbunas i have. In its present tank its by far the largest specimen there but its no where near as aggresive as the rest of the fish. Its broodsize is one of the bigger sizes amongst the mbuna with about 40 fry to a brood. Its really a pretty fish and it comes in a lot of different variants. This variant is the one from Lundo.


Male Metriaclima Feinzilberi Male Metriaclima Feinzilberi
Female Metriaclima Feinzilbery, Lundo